Monday, August 26, 2013

Prepping With Pets

There is a lot of planning that goes into prepping your family for disaster. Unfortunately, I find that many families leave their pets out of the picture when storing supplies. Either they have forgotten about them or they believe they can just let them outside and they will survive on their own. The latter may be true for some pets but like us Americans, our pets have grown dependent on handouts and won't survive long without help.

Prepping with pets is typically much easier than you think. Because most pets eat the same brand of food everyday, you only have to worry about buying a few extra bags or cans of food and your pet suddenly has a stockpile of emergency food. I recommend you store the same amount of food you stored for yourself. So if you have 1 month of emergency food, so should your pets.

Next, your pet needs water. Typical house pets do not require as much water as us humans so again this isn't a difficult task. If you believe you have enough water stored for your family, store a little extra for your pets. You don't have to store a lot because as an added bonus, your pets can drink from the puddles outside if clean water becomes a shortage.

Finally, if your pet uses medication you may want to make an attempt at acquiring extra. Some vets will understand your reasoning and appreciate you thinking about your pets safety. Other vets may deny you but at least you tried. Depending on the medicine, your pet may still survive long enough until help arrives.

As you can see, preparing your pets for disaster is one the easiest steps to prepping but it is often overlooked. Do your pets a favor and make some room in the survival plans for them.

Keep on prepping!

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