Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Season

The gardening season is upon us as we come closer to Memorial Day. So it seems like a great topic to touch on today. Gardening is a requirement when joining the circle of self-reliant groups. Because gardening is such a simple and rewarding hobby, there really isn't any reason to not go out and start digging holes in your yard this week. Creating a garden doesn't mean going to your local garden center and buying plants ready to put in the ground. Don't get me wrong, you are still creating a garden which will bear many fruits during the season, but are you truly learning any new skills that can be useful in the future? Creating a garden from seed and learning the secrets of each plant is what will feed your family for years to come. In a crisis situation, the garden stores let alone a financial system may be out of reach. Your plants need water, but what happens if you are no longer being supplied by your locality? Do you have room for a rain collection system? Remember, this is the time to create back-up plans for every necessity in life and apply them and adjust them to fit your needs. I highly recommend purchasing seeds from a reputable supplier and purchasing non-hybrid/GMO plants. You want plants that will supply you with seeds year after year and GMO plants are considered a kill crop. Meaning next year's seed will not grow, thus increasing the profit of big company. Buy wisely and teach yourself how to be a great gardener!