Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keeping an Emergency Money Stash

Despite the rise of credit card use, cold hard cash still serves a purpose in this economy. During most disasters including financial collapse, American currency will maintain some value for a short time. Imagine if the power grid in your area suddenly fails. Your banks, grocery stores, ATMs, and gas stations all rely on electricity to facilitate the transfer of electronic funds. No power means no goods for you or others unless you have cash. Having a stash of emergency money gives you the ability to purchase goods without relying on the electrical grid.

Even in a disaster situation like an EMP, you may have one or two days where you can walk into a grocery store with cash and buy what you want, mostly because no one will know what is going on yet. Of course, this is assuming the stores stay open. The sooner you can arrive at a location you improve your chances of being able to shop. Small businesses and corner shops may keep their doors open for a couple of days, but big stores like Walmart will most likely be locked up after one day. 

How much you set aside is your decision. I like the idea of having enough to double my food and water supplies immediately if something happens. Of course I only recommend this to those who already have a nice stockpile of food and water. Going out after a disaster may be extremely dangerous and risky, so do not rely on this as your only post-disaster plan. You may return home empty-handed and then be without anything.

Stay always prepared!


  1. After two years working at the Kansas Turnpike, I am simply amazed at how many people do NOT have any cash at all with them. They use a debit or credit card for the smallest purchase, as small as 40 cents (yes, the TP allows that!) I have had panicked travellers who admit they have no cash, and do we take a credit card? I would never, ever travel anywhere without SOME amount of cash on my person, for emergency situations.

    I agree with your statement that in a critical emergency we would likely not be able to get to our money at the bank. Good ideas to always keep a supply of cash on hand!!! :)

  2. Further proof that having emergency cash further prepares you more than your neighbors.

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