Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Reasons You Won't Survive

1. You don't have enough clean water stored.

We all know water is extremely important to our survival, yet over 95% of Americans don't even have 3 days worth of water stored as recommended by FEMA. To those that have heeded the warnings of our government, what happens after 3 days? Do you have access to water by your shelter? Do you have a water filter? Do you have back-up containers to store rain or water you've filtered?

Solution  - Start filling empty plastic containers with clean water, invest in a good water filter, and look into installing rain barrels around your property. If you have a well, having a back-up power source for pumping the water out is helpful.

2. You don't have enough food stored.

We store food for the time when fresh food is no longer available.  I commend you if you have been to the store and bought extra canned food, but is it enough? Canned food can take up a lot of room quickly and can be difficult to rotate through when we have access to fresh food. I have heard people state they will just turn to hunting if we face a food shortage. How long will the animal population survive if each of your neighbors turn to hunting? The goal when storing food is to have more than you believe you will ever need. 

Solution - Decide how many months of food you would like to have on hand and add 25% for unknown circumstances. Chickens and rabbits are easy to raise on small lots and can supply additional sources of food. Growing your own garden is also a skill every prepper should be practicing.

 3. Winter.

Cold weather sucks, especially when you don't have an escape from it. Preppers tend to focus on water, food, and guns and believe they are set. Clothing and shelter is a forgotten supply because it isn't as fun to buy and takes up storage room.

Solution - Each one of your family members needs gear which will keep their body temperature up during cold spells. This means wool clothes, heavy hunting jackets, sleeping bags for 0 degrees and under, and shelter options like tents and tarps. Many of these can be bought much cheaper during the off season as stores try to make room for next season's inventory.

4. You don't have others you can trust.

Safety in numbers, folks. It's amazing how a couple of burly men with rifles draped over their shoulders can make even the bravest attacker reconsider. It can also become more affordable when buying supplies if you divide up responsibilities.

Solution - There are many ways to find others concerned about the future state of our living situations. The art is finding who it is because preppers don't want others to know their plans. You also need to be able to trust the people. Prepper groups can be a good start. I recommend only inviting those who bring necessary skills; hunting, medical, cooking, engineer, soldier, blacksmith, leathersmith, etc. 

5. You aren't as mentally prepared as you thought.

You can buy all of the canned food, water filters, and guns you can afford, but it is worthless if you aren't mentally strong enough to survive. Post-disaster is going to be the most stressful and dangerous time you have ever experienced. Paranoia will set in within a week and you will think everyone is out to get your supplies. Your sleep will be immediately effected unless you have a group you can trust with your protection.

 Solution - Go out camping away from everyone else. Take only the supplies you plan on relying on and see how you do. I believe camping with minimal supplies is the closest we can come to experiencing a post-disaster America. Military veterans who have experienced war should be better at handling the stress of potential combat so it is a good idea to incorporate some into your group. Dogs are another form of protection you can't overlook.

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