Friday, April 22, 2016

Alone Season 2 Episode 1

I was super pumped to see the new season of Alone was coming soon and have been counting down the days until this first episode.

I'm sure a lot of people will agree it will take a lot for someone to outperform Alan from Season 1. He seemed to calmly handle every situation thrown at him and understood his biggest competitor was his own brain.

I was able to learn a lot about each person in the initial episode showing how they pick the contestants and test them, but I don't feel like we actually meet them until they're alone out there.

Having said that, we only met four of the new contestants in this first episode and I wonder if that means we have a shorter season and less footage to work with.

Desmond White had a lot of camera time in this first episode and I figured it was because he was the first one to return home. The theory was proven correct rather quickly. He actually decided to call it within the first day after realizing he was surrounded by bears and not as prepared as he had thought.

I was very surprised he made the decision so quick but it was a very tough decision I'm sure and one I will not judge. It is easy to sit in my cozy chair and say I wouldn't quit, so I just keep my mouth shut.

I had my questions about Tracy Wilson, mostly because of her weight. I won't lie. But seeing how calm she was while animals roamed around her shelter at night was extremely impressive. Maybe she is cut out for a long haul this season after all.

I like Larry Roberts and hope he can overcome his shelter issues. He had a strong motivation to experience this show for himself and I hope he continually reminds himself of this before quitting. Having a family that has grown up and moved out may be in his favor, as I know from season 1 that having little ones plays a large role in that decision to throw in the towel.

Speaking of little ones, Mary Kate Green seems knowledgable and may have a chance but I just can't give her the benefit of the doubt at this point. Having two small children at home is going to play a very large role psychologically and I don't believe many moms can voluntarily be away from their babies for very long. I also feel she was immediately dealt a bad hand by having to walk from the plane through the water and get her gear wet. We know from season 1 how important it is for the gear to stay dry and she is already in trouble with wet equipment.

I really wish this first episode would have been longer to allow us to see each person and how they fare on their first day. It will be difficult to wait a week before seeing the others but I guess I have no choice.

I am excited to see more of Jose Amoedo and think he may be the one to beat this season.

We shall see.