Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Must Have Survival Items Under $25

Prepping can be an expensive activity when you think about all of the food, water, and guns people recommend. Thankfully for Amazon, there are many useful items which can extend your survival at an affordable price. Purchasing through these links doesn't cost you anymore money and it gives me a small financial stimulus.

1.  Texsport Reinforced Rip-Stop Polyethylene Tarp (Camouflage, 10 x 12-Feet) Shelter comes first. Protecting yourself from the elements is the top priority when trying to survive. This tarp will help you stay dry for $17.40.

2.  Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter - Black Next you need fire. Fire not only provides warmth and safety, it also gives you another back-up plan for clean water. Remember, boiling water is a proven method for acquiring clean water. $15.99

3. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter At $19.95, this water filter will clean up to 1000L of water giving you close to a year's supply of clean drinking water. No question there should be one of these in everyone's survival kit.

4.  Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets At $5.99, this is your back-up to clean water if the LifeStraw fails. The downfall is one bottle will only treat about 4 gallons of water. You might want to pick up a couple.

5. GSI Outdoors Straight Pot with Lid (Blue, 3.5-Quart) You need something to heat your water in don't you? If you plan on relying on the boiling method for clean water, you better have a reliable pot for collecting and heating the water. $18.69

6.  Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord (Black, 550-Pound/100-Feet) Paracord has many uses in the wild and it's only $7.49 for 100'. Enough said!

7.  1/2 Dozen (6 PAK) Duke 110 Single Spring Body Trap for Mink, Muskrat, and Weasel Trapping is an excellent method for acquiring protein rich food. Set up the trap, walk away, come back later to your next meal. $24.25 for 6 traps.

8.  2pk blue 721 Mens Merino Wool Calf Boot socks for Hiking and Camping What are socks doing on a survival list? You'll thank me when you are out in the woods with warm comfy feet. Only $19.90 for a 2pk.

9.  6 Mechanical Fisher's Yo Yo Fishing Reels -Package of 1/2 Dozen- Yoyo Fish Trap Don't forget fish when planning on food sources. Yo yo fishing reels catch fish while you're away setting up camp or gathering fire wood so you have something to eat before bedtime. Have 6 of them working for you for $18.33.

10.  Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife I hate to recommend a survival knife on a discount list, but this knife is fairly reliable, and well, you need a knife. For the budget conscious survivalist, this knife is sufficient and only $18.53.

Keep on prepping!

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