Sunday, July 31, 2016

Must-Have Survival Books

Preparing for a disaster is all about acquiring information and maintaining this information for when it's needed. There are lots and lots of books written about surviving in disaster situations, but I've already spent my money on many of these and know which ones to recommend.

Let's get started!

SAS Survival Guide is a great general guide to surviving in any situation and climate. 

Shelter is the top priority so make sure you're familiar with all types.

A Field Guide to Wild Edible Plants is a must-have because you must know what is edible and what isn't. 

Know how to protect yourself and your supplies.

Read as many books on the subject and when you're done, store them in waterproof sealed bags just in case you need to leave in a hurry. 

Keep on prepping!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Always Protect Yourself

News of mass shootings and terrorist attacks continue to increase and until people start standing up for themselves and stopping these individuals, we will proceed on this downward spiral.

 Keeping you and your family safe should be your number one priority everyday!

Always be aware of your surroundings. Always! As humans, we are built for survival. Our senses are there to protect us and warn us of problems. Use them and always scan your immediate area for potential threats.

Escaping a threat and seeking help is always the best option before attempting to stop the threat yourself. You can either end up hurting yourself or going to jail because you used unnecessary force. The Police are trained to stop threats and protect others.
If it's an option, always escape and seek help! Living to see another day is not a cowardice act.

When escape is not an option and you must defend yourself, your goal is now to incapacitate the threat so that you can escape and seek help. Let's talk about the multiple levels of self-protection.

Most states allow law-abiding citizens to obtain permits to legally carry a handgun for protection. I understand not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun around and that's ok. But before ruling this out, I would recommend going to your local firing range and getting comfortable through personal training with a gun instructor.

Keep in mind that pulling out a gun is the last form of self defense you ever want to employ. Many people have gone to jail because they used a firearm unnecessarily in a situation that didn't warrant the use of a gun for protection.

Another form of protection is carrying a folding tactical knife. Many businesses do not allow guns on their premises, so carrying a knife at least prevents you from being helpless if a situation arises. I highly recommend a TAC Force Assisted Opening Tactical Knife as the spring mechanism allows you to open the blade much faster.

Another great item to keep on hand is Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is a non-lethal form of self defense and it will incapacitate your attacker, whether human or animal. I always keep pepper spray on me when I'm walking my dogs to protect us from other dogs. I'd rather not use lethal force against an attacker if I have the option.

The last form of protection you have in your arsenal is hand-to-hand combat. I don't suggest this even if you're a highly trained in mixed martial arts. Again, your job is to get away from the threat as fast as possible and a street fight is rarely quick.

Do yourself a favor and always make sure you have some form of protection on your person at all times.

Keep on Prepping!