Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sony Hackers Reveal Much Larger Threat

The hackers who have been slowly releasing hundreds of thousands of private documents recently stolen from the servers and computers at Sony have now threatened violence to those who attend the showing of the movie, The Interview.

You heard that right - A terrorist attack has been threatened to occur on our soil because a corporation has put potential profit above public safety. Did you expect any different?

The hackers are claiming this attack will rival Sept. 11 2001 and it seems the attack(s) may occur at the movie premier or on Christmas Day.


Since posting this, Sony has cancelled the movie premier scheduled in Manhattan on Thursday. Seth Rogan and James Franco, the stars from the movie, have cancelled all public appearances and at least one movie chain is refusing to show the movie at any of its locations because of the terrorist threat. 

Warning from Guardians of Peace

I hope this is nothing more than a threat, but if this group is affiliated with the North Korean
government as some are saying, we may be in more danger than we think.

It is safe to assume North Korea has access to some sort of nuclear technology. We know they have been testing for many years and that testing hasn't occurred for quite some time, leading some to assume they are happy with the current product and are ready to use it. While they may not have the missile technology needed to deliver a warhead to the United States, there are other delivery options.

Stay vigilant over the holiday week, watch for suspicious people and keep on prepping!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Infrastructure is Under Attack Daily

CNN recently reported our infrastructure is constantly under threat from hackers around the world. Because a majority of our electrical, water, and financial systems are controlled over networks, there is always potential for a hacker to take these systems down for a considerable amount of time. An interruption of these systems could be catastrophic depending on how long it took to regain control and return systems to normal operating capacity.

Suzanne E. Spaulding of Homeland Security confirms our systems are under attack on a daily basis. It only takes one of these hackers or groups of hackers to successfully take control.

Not to mention 85% of these systems are handled privately by organizations. In the past year, we have seen first-hand how poor these private systems are handled with the Target and Home Depot identity thefts.

The hackers are fully capable of bringing down the system as they are usually one step ahead with their attacks.

We continue to hear our infrastructure is aging and is on the verge of failing if it isn't updated soon.

Do not allow yourself to become complacent and assume our government and organizations will stay ahead of the threats. A grid failure is 100% possible. Professionals will agree it is only a matter of where and when it will happen.

Keep on prepping and make sure your family is ready for this!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Factors to Consider in a Survival Retreat

For the person who wants a plan B for shelter that does not consist of a tent or sleeping under a tarp, a survival retreat is a must-have. Survival retreats do not have to be expensive either. Hunting land can be had pretty cheap and small cabins can be built with the surrounding trees if you have the expertise.

I have compiled a small list of things to consider when looking for a safe place to flee.

Distance From Home

Typically, you will want your emergency shelter to be within a gas tank trip. For most vehicles, that's no more than 400-500 miles. Not knowing what kind of disaster you'll be fleeing, you will want to be able to get there quickly. If you live in Indiana, a retreat in Utah will be pretty pointless.

Distance From Civilization

The point of an emergency shelter is to get away from everyone else. As supplies dwindle, people will turn to violence and you do not want any part of that desperation. I would suggest you look for property that is at least 100 miles away from a major highway and at least 300 miles from a major city. As society begins to collapse and supplies run short, everyone will be making their way to the country. The farther away from civilization you are, the less chance you have of anyone finding your retreat and attacking it.

Access to Fresh Water

Everyone knows how important water is for your survival so make sure you have fresh water close by. Either a fresh spring or flowing water is a necessity. Make sure access is fairly simple also, like a manual pump.

Plentiful Natural Resources

How much firewood will you need to cook and keep your family warm? Is there space for a garden? What types of animals frequent the area? It is also nice if there are natural choke points, high points and other factors which can assist in defending your home. Plan on being discovered and needing to protect your home from desperate folks.


The last factor is keeping your emergency plans secret, from everyone. The best retreat is one no one knows exists. When looking at properties, make sure no one knows what you are doing. If you are dealing with an agent or a bank, they do not need to know your plans. If you are building a new shelter, try and use very few contractors and just explain it as a hunting cabin. The last thing you want to happen during an emergency is to arrive at your retreat to find the real estate agent has already taken residence and is using your supplies. A person willing to take your property, is also willing to take your life to keep it.

I hope these points help and please feel free to add some factors you think I missed in the comments.

Keep on prepping!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Alcohol for Bartering After a Disaster

Alcohol is overly abundant in this day and age and many people are even learning to make their own at home as a hobby. But imagine how long it would take for the supply to run short if there was an economic collapse or interruption in grocery supplies. Americans rely on alcohol way more than we care to admit. It plays the role as a stress reliever and social catalyst for many on weekends.

So where am I going with this?

Well, think about the value of liquor now versus post-crisis America. After the supplies have dwindled, liquor is going to be a high value bartering item. Post-disaster times will be very depressing for most survivors so they will likely jump at the chance for a taste of the luxuries we once enjoyed. Stock up on some liquor now and you may have the chance to trade for must-have items you didn't think you needed or couldn't afford.

But get your priorities straight. I only recommend stockpiling alcohol if your food and survival supplies are already fulfilled. Sure you could trade the alcohol for the gear or food you didn't buy but don't bet on it. Do not buy top shelf alcohol either! Look down at that bottom shelf and buy the cheap stuff. Make sure the proof is no less than 70% because the liquor can also be used for disinfectant purposes.

If you're part of a prepper group, learn how to make your own beer and wine and you have increased your value to the survival community 10 fold. Experiment with growing your own grapes and master the art of wine-making as a hobby. This is the kit I use to make wine at home. Not only is it fun to make...and taste-test, but as a bartering item, wine and beer might be more valuable than liquor because of the improved taste quality.

Keep on prepping!