Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FEMA Warns Us to Prepare...Again

FEMA is rolling out new ads in September for National Preparedness month. Don't get me wrong, I am happy the government is making disaster preparation a serious family topic with these new ads, but why are they doing it? Do they know something we don't? Let's face it, we are overdue for something big.

According to the article, only 19% of Americans feel they are very prepared for a disaster. That number is scary if you ask me because that means 81% of America is not prepared. That means well over 250 million Americans will be panicking and killing each other if we have an extended national emergency. The ability to stay home while everyone else fights over supplies is just another benefit of being prepared.

I hope these ads will motivate more families to take their future into their own hands and forget relying on others for help.

Keep on prepping!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Prepping With Pets

There is a lot of planning that goes into prepping your family for disaster. Unfortunately, I find that many families leave their pets out of the picture when storing supplies. Either they have forgotten about them or they believe they can just let them outside and they will survive on their own. The latter may be true for some pets but like us Americans, our pets have grown dependent on handouts and won't survive long without help.

Prepping with pets is typically much easier than you think. Because most pets eat the same brand of food everyday, you only have to worry about buying a few extra bags or cans of food and your pet suddenly has a stockpile of emergency food. I recommend you store the same amount of food you stored for yourself. So if you have 1 month of emergency food, so should your pets.

Next, your pet needs water. Typical house pets do not require as much water as us humans so again this isn't a difficult task. If you believe you have enough water stored for your family, store a little extra for your pets. You don't have to store a lot because as an added bonus, your pets can drink from the puddles outside if clean water becomes a shortage.

Finally, if your pet uses medication you may want to make an attempt at acquiring extra. Some vets will understand your reasoning and appreciate you thinking about your pets safety. Other vets may deny you but at least you tried. Depending on the medicine, your pet may still survive long enough until help arrives.

As you can see, preparing your pets for disaster is one the easiest steps to prepping but it is often overlooked. Do your pets a favor and make some room in the survival plans for them.

Keep on prepping!

Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Must Have Survival Items Under $25

Prepping can be an expensive activity when you think about all of the food, water, and guns people recommend. Thankfully for Amazon, there are many useful items which can extend your survival at an affordable price. Purchasing through these links doesn't cost you anymore money and it gives me a small financial stimulus.

1.  Texsport Reinforced Rip-Stop Polyethylene Tarp (Camouflage, 10 x 12-Feet) Shelter comes first. Protecting yourself from the elements is the top priority when trying to survive. This tarp will help you stay dry for $17.40.

2.  Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter - Black Next you need fire. Fire not only provides warmth and safety, it also gives you another back-up plan for clean water. Remember, boiling water is a proven method for acquiring clean water. $15.99

3. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter At $19.95, this water filter will clean up to 1000L of water giving you close to a year's supply of clean drinking water. No question there should be one of these in everyone's survival kit.

4.  Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets At $5.99, this is your back-up to clean water if the LifeStraw fails. The downfall is one bottle will only treat about 4 gallons of water. You might want to pick up a couple.

5. GSI Outdoors Straight Pot with Lid (Blue, 3.5-Quart) You need something to heat your water in don't you? If you plan on relying on the boiling method for clean water, you better have a reliable pot for collecting and heating the water. $18.69

6.  Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord (Black, 550-Pound/100-Feet) Paracord has many uses in the wild and it's only $7.49 for 100'. Enough said!

7.  1/2 Dozen (6 PAK) Duke 110 Single Spring Body Trap for Mink, Muskrat, and Weasel Trapping is an excellent method for acquiring protein rich food. Set up the trap, walk away, come back later to your next meal. $24.25 for 6 traps.

8.  2pk blue 721 Mens Merino Wool Calf Boot socks for Hiking and Camping What are socks doing on a survival list? You'll thank me when you are out in the woods with warm comfy feet. Only $19.90 for a 2pk.

9.  6 Mechanical Fisher's Yo Yo Fishing Reels -Package of 1/2 Dozen- Yoyo Fish Trap Don't forget fish when planning on food sources. Yo yo fishing reels catch fish while you're away setting up camp or gathering fire wood so you have something to eat before bedtime. Have 6 of them working for you for $18.33.

10.  Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife I hate to recommend a survival knife on a discount list, but this knife is fairly reliable, and well, you need a knife. For the budget conscious survivalist, this knife is sufficient and only $18.53.

Keep on prepping!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Newt Gingrich Claims EMPs are a Major Threat

Newt has gone on record again, reminding Americans an EMP would destroy America's grid and most of our lives. Unfortunately, the government and private electrical companies have yet to make a move to protect us.

The threat of any rogue nation launching a nuke above our heads and wiping out life as we know is becoming more of a reality as Iran and North Korea get closer to the launching technology. North Korea may already be there after successfully launching a satellite into space a few months ago.

Hacking is another threat we must be concerned with. Hackers have gained access to our electrical systems in the past and they will continue to find these weaknesses and threaten our grid. Without power for an extended period of time, most Americans will die. Our enemies are quickly learning how dependent we are on the grid and how easy it would be to take away our life line.

I hope you aren't one of the millions of Americans who will turn a blind eye to this threat. As we become more dependent on technology, we also become more vulnerable.

Keep on prepping!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Save Gold and Silver

Many people decide to become a prepper because they have a doubt about the future of our current economy. Gold and silver is seen as a hedge and protection against a failing dollar, but also as a necessity in the survivalist world according to famous preppers. I don't agree with them and here are my 3 reasons gold and silver does not belong in your prepping plans.

1. Cost is too high

As of this writing, gold is selling for over $1300/ounce. $1300 can buy a whole years supply of food for one adult, a tactical rifle, 1000s of rounds of ammo, or even a down payment on retreat land. The list goes on and on. What is an ounce of gold really going to do for your family?

2. Precious metals will not be used for currency

Despite everything you have read, precious metals will not be used for currency exchange if the economy collapses. Survivors will turn to bartering goods and services and will have little interest in gold or silver. Why will they turn to bartering? Because a very small percentage will be prepared and the others will be scrambling for supplies. It will take months or even years before metals have their place in a bartering system, because people will be too concerned with the essentials.That brings into the final point.

3.  Limited identification methods

How many people do you know who can properly identify a coin which is 90% silver? How many people can identify real gold versus fake gold? The fact that I can still find circulated silver coins is a bad sign, folks. Most of the general public has no idea there is value and they don't really care. Do you think that mindset will change when their cold and hungry?

If you already have a small stack of gold and silver sitting in a lockbox, I highly recommend you sell it and use that profit for prepping supplies. Supplies will do more to guarantee your survival than a few silver coins and gold jewelry.

Keep on prepping!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Guns to Buy for New Survivalists

I wish this was my set-up!

Setting out to purchase guns for your survival plan can be daunting. The list seems to be exponential and constantly growing, but I am here to give you some basic quick guidance. Before we look at my list, please understand guns have their place in a survivalist's plan, but I recommend you focus your initial purchases on clean water, shelter, and food. The list below is based on price, usability and necessity. This means guns with a higher possibility of use and lower price tag rank higher on my list.

1.  22 Gauge Rifle 

 A rifle like the Ruger 10/22 can be had for under $200 and ammo comes extremely cheap. The gun is versatile in that it can be used for self defense and hunting small game. Don't let anyone fool you, you can also snag yourself large game like deer and use it for self defense.

2. Handgun

The caliber of handgun you choose is your preference. The .40 and .45 tend to be popular choices but don't rule out a 9mm. I only rank a handgun above a shotgun if you live in a State with Concealed Carry laws. Shotguns are great, but you can't wander very far around town with one in your pants. If you can get a CCW permit in your State, get it.   

3. 12 Gauge Shotgun

Purchasing a shotgun accomplishes home security and hunting in one purchase. Ammo again is fairly affordable and the sound of a shotgun is a universal "you better get out of here" sound. Buy different shots (bird, small game, buck, slug) when storing ammo so you have multiple uses for this weapon.

4. High-powered Hunting Rifle

.270, 30-06, .338, etc. The beauty of hunting rifles for larger game is they can also be used for self defense WTSHTF. I have these ranked next to last because I am assuming you aren't an avid hunter and this gun will see very little use. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this post. However, if you plan on hunting then move it on up the priority list and get out there. Don't forget to send me some jerky.

5. Tactical Rifle

This list can include an AR-Variant, AK-Variant, SKS, etc. I list tactical rifles last because I believe they are more for show and fun. Yes, I would prefer to have one if SHTF, but the cost (>$1000) is a little too high when you factor other necessary gear you could buy with this money. Tactical rifles have tons of optional gear (sights, optics, lasers, lights) which can run you another $500+, and this is before you even began buying ammo. Unless you're one of the few swimming in money, I suggest you hold off on this purchase until your other survival supplies are overflowing. - By the way, I guarantee I am the only author suggesting this.

This list is only a recommendation based on price and necessity. Everyone has a differing opinion when it comes to guns and I look forward to hearing yours in the comments below. In the end, don't let anyone tell you what gun to buy, it is your final decision.

Keep on prepping!

Image source - http://thinkprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Guns_1000.jpg


Monday, August 5, 2013

My New Dehydrator

A special thanks to one of my readers for sending me a dehydrator. I have already put it to good use and made almost two pounds of jerky! Jerky is a great way to store cooked meat because it can last up to a year in the fridge, depending on the fat content.

Yummy Beef Jerky
I have to highly recommend this dehydrator because it came with a jerky gun, spices, and did not take very long to cook. Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One Kit with Jerky Gun Free xml sitemap generator

Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Reasons You Won't Survive

1. You don't have enough clean water stored.

We all know water is extremely important to our survival, yet over 95% of Americans don't even have 3 days worth of water stored as recommended by FEMA. To those that have heeded the warnings of our government, what happens after 3 days? Do you have access to water by your shelter? Do you have a water filter? Do you have back-up containers to store rain or water you've filtered?

Solution  - Start filling empty plastic containers with clean water, invest in a good water filter, and look into installing rain barrels around your property. If you have a well, having a back-up power source for pumping the water out is helpful.

2. You don't have enough food stored.

We store food for the time when fresh food is no longer available.  I commend you if you have been to the store and bought extra canned food, but is it enough? Canned food can take up a lot of room quickly and can be difficult to rotate through when we have access to fresh food. I have heard people state they will just turn to hunting if we face a food shortage. How long will the animal population survive if each of your neighbors turn to hunting? The goal when storing food is to have more than you believe you will ever need. 

Solution - Decide how many months of food you would like to have on hand and add 25% for unknown circumstances. Chickens and rabbits are easy to raise on small lots and can supply additional sources of food. Growing your own garden is also a skill every prepper should be practicing.

 3. Winter.

Cold weather sucks, especially when you don't have an escape from it. Preppers tend to focus on water, food, and guns and believe they are set. Clothing and shelter is a forgotten supply because it isn't as fun to buy and takes up storage room.

Solution - Each one of your family members needs gear which will keep their body temperature up during cold spells. This means wool clothes, heavy hunting jackets, sleeping bags for 0 degrees and under, and shelter options like tents and tarps. Many of these can be bought much cheaper during the off season as stores try to make room for next season's inventory.

4. You don't have others you can trust.

Safety in numbers, folks. It's amazing how a couple of burly men with rifles draped over their shoulders can make even the bravest attacker reconsider. It can also become more affordable when buying supplies if you divide up responsibilities.

Solution - There are many ways to find others concerned about the future state of our living situations. The art is finding who it is because preppers don't want others to know their plans. You also need to be able to trust the people. Prepper groups can be a good start. I recommend only inviting those who bring necessary skills; hunting, medical, cooking, engineer, soldier, blacksmith, leathersmith, etc. 

5. You aren't as mentally prepared as you thought.

You can buy all of the canned food, water filters, and guns you can afford, but it is worthless if you aren't mentally strong enough to survive. Post-disaster is going to be the most stressful and dangerous time you have ever experienced. Paranoia will set in within a week and you will think everyone is out to get your supplies. Your sleep will be immediately effected unless you have a group you can trust with your protection.

 Solution - Go out camping away from everyone else. Take only the supplies you plan on relying on and see how you do. I believe camping with minimal supplies is the closest we can come to experiencing a post-disaster America. Military veterans who have experienced war should be better at handling the stress of potential combat so it is a good idea to incorporate some into your group. Dogs are another form of protection you can't overlook.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camo Everything is a Bad Idea

Everywhere I look I see preppers and survivalists wearing camo. Camo is great when you're out hunting game or playing paintball in the woods with friends. But after a disaster, camo is the last thing you want to be wearing around others.

When the general public sees a person in camo, they immediately assume they're a hunter or soldier. The common denominator between these two types of people is both are armed. During a disaster situation you do not want to bring attention to yourself as being armed because you will quickly become a target of those who do not have a firearm.

Camo also tells others that you are most likely better prepared, both physically and mentally. Now you have to worry about others following you and looking for help. I am all for helping others but not at a risk to my own safety.

Don't get me wrong, camo has it's place in the survivalist's bug out bag, but when in an urban environment, jeans and a t-shirt will do more to conceal your preparedness than camo. Blending in shortly after a disaster is your best chance at early survival because others will believe you are just as hungry and thirsty as them. Don't give them a reason to think otherwise. If you are the lucky few who live in a rural setting, then feel free to wear all the camo you want.

Keep on prepping!