Sunday, June 28, 2015

4 Survival Tools You Don't Need But Should Have

Confusing title, right?

But hear me out. There are certain tools we absolutely must have in a survival situation. And then, there are tools which make life a little bit easier in a really shitty situation.

Here is my list of 4 must-have supplies:

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Recharger and Solar Panel Multi-Tool Kit
First of all, we have grown pretty accustomed to our cell phones and the multitude of handy apps, so it is a great idea to have a plan to keep that bad-boy charged up when electricity fails. There are a lot of solar chargers out there, but Goal Zero has made a name for themselves in the solar powered market. The reason I like this particular charger is because you can also use it as a flashlight or fan. Not to mention, the battery is replaceable!

Sewing Kit With Supplies For Emergency Repairs + Free E-book for Beginners
Most people I talk to don't plan on having to make repairs to their clothing.When it comes to disaster preparedness, always plan on no one helping you for a long time. Clothing will become quite valuable in an extended situation and so will the ability to repair clothing.

Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger with NOAA Certified Weather Alert & Cables
Staying on-top of outside news is not a necessity, but knowing more is never a bad thing. Plus it might just be nice to hear another voice other than your own inner-monologue from time to time. I always suggest a hand crank radio so you're not relying on a large storage of batteries. Plus this serves as a backup charger for your phone.

Mr Beams MB390 300-Lumen Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered LED Ultra Bright Spotlight with Motion Sensor
Keeping the general area around you secure is another wise idea. Spotlights won't prevent intruders but it's a good step in deterring them and telling them they should move on to the next location. I really like this light because it's wireless and the batteries last up to a year. 

So, there you have it. What else could be added to this list?

Keep on prepping!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Free Military Training and Survival Manuals

I found some more free military manuals for your use. These manuals can be found on Amazon for sale because some dishonest people take the information and convert it into e-books and sell them to unsuspecting people trying to learn more about survival. Please share so we can help others find these resources before spending their hard-earned money on those books.

US Navy SEAL Training Program

Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2-3, M16A4, and M4 Carbine

Kill or Get Killed

 Guerilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations

Physical Security

US Marine Corps - Hand to Hand Combat

Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures For Special Forces

Special Forces - Caching Techniques

Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - Incendiaries

Make sure you check out my first posting which has additional manuals not found on this page.

Also, as I mention in my first post, don't just save these manuals on your computer. PRINT RELEVANT PAGES OUT for your future reference. The next disaster situation may make your computer useless. Then what?

Keep on Prepping!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Free Army Manuals

The U.S. military has a lot of experience in survival situations and they tend to put what they learn down into manuals for all of their soldiers to learn.

If you go to Amazon, a lot of these survival manuals are available for sale. What most people don't know is  these manuals are a free resource and many can be found online. No cost. Zilch.

So stop spending your hard-earned money and check out some of these links below:

Basic Cold Weather Survival

Improvised Munitions Handbook

Special Forces Sniper Training

Map Reading and Navigation

Special Forces Medical Handbook

This is a small sample of the manuals available for free download. I have added a second page with 9 more free manuals.

Don't forget to print these manuals out and store them away somewhere safe. You may not have access to a computer or the internet in a disaster situation.

Keep on prepping!