Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camo Everything is a Bad Idea

Everywhere I look I see preppers and survivalists wearing camo. Camo is great when you're out hunting game or playing paintball in the woods with friends. But after a disaster, camo is the last thing you want to be wearing around others.

When the general public sees a person in camo, they immediately assume they're a hunter or soldier. The common denominator between these two types of people is both are armed. During a disaster situation you do not want to bring attention to yourself as being armed because you will quickly become a target of those who do not have a firearm.

Camo also tells others that you are most likely better prepared, both physically and mentally. Now you have to worry about others following you and looking for help. I am all for helping others but not at a risk to my own safety.

Don't get me wrong, camo has it's place in the survivalist's bug out bag, but when in an urban environment, jeans and a t-shirt will do more to conceal your preparedness than camo. Blending in shortly after a disaster is your best chance at early survival because others will believe you are just as hungry and thirsty as them. Don't give them a reason to think otherwise. If you are the lucky few who live in a rural setting, then feel free to wear all the camo you want.

Keep on prepping!

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