Friday, September 27, 2013

Is the Economy Really Improving?

I am not an economist but I have my doubts folks.

First of all, the only reason we have seen a consistent growth in the stock market is because of the feds $85 billion monthly purchase of bad bonds. Where are they getting $85 billion? They're just printing it. When a government prints and prints and prints, inflation is bound to show it's ugly head. Unfortunately for you and I, we don't own the proverbial money tree like our government. Every country around the world is facing dire economic conditions because our economies are now interconnected. Keep an eye on world news and maybe you will see the collapse unfolding before others.

Secondly, what happens when they stop spending $85 billion per month? I mean, they can't continue doing this much longer, can they? When the purchases cease, we may see the largest drop in the financial markets because the big investors will try to save every penny they've made. Everyone who has money is investing while markets are great, but you better believe they are pulling out just prior to the big announcement.

Sure, everything looks to be improving, but don't let our government trick you. The person who continues to prep, even in fair weather, is the one who survives. No one knows when the next economic collapse is coming and you better believe the day before it happens will be no different than today.

Keep on Prepping!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 Survival Apps You Should Have

Take advantage of the smart phone technology and have survival information at your fingertips in a disaster situation. While there are some disaster which will render your phone useless, it still doesn't hurt to have some of these apps as an extra step in preparedness.

U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76

This manual is full of survival tips which will undoubtedly come into handy during any disaster. The best part is the app is free and will work without a signal. A must-have!

ubAlert - Disaster Alert

This is a global social network where users can share knowledge of disasters throughout the world. This app is free but also requires a signal to function. Could be a great warning system of a coming disaster.

First Aid - American Red Cross

The Red Cross app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. This app includes videos, quizzes, and step-by-step advice. This app is also free and appears to function without a signal.

Police Scanner 5-0

Monitor existing police, fire, and rescue frequencies and stay abreast of activities in your area or around the world. This app requires a connection to function.

Google Maps

It sounds silly, but what happens if a disaster happens in an unfamiliar area. Remember, we have no idea when disaster will strike so we have to always be prepared. The map is available without a signal but you will be unable to use the locate features.


Don't forget to have some entertaining apps as well because they can help time pass and keep morals up. Games, books, and even coloring apps can be extremely helpful during hard-times.

Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Reasons to Prepare for a War in Syria

The United States government has been debating for the past week whether they should attack key military outposts in Syria after the supposed chemical weapon's attack on Syrian citizens. Many countries are looking to the U.S. to do something while other, much larger countries are suggesting we stand down. The threat of this war is much more serious than the media may be letting on and I suggest we listen to the muted warnings and take a look at 3 credible threats and why you should prepare your family.


Shortly after the U.S. began contemplating an attack on Syrian soil, The New York Times website went down from a cyber attack. The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for this attack and promised more if we proceeded with our plans to bomb. A cyber attack on our grid can have detrimental effects on our society and cause chaos within hours as the crazies take advantage of the opportunities to pillage. There are numerous reports claiming our grid is highly susceptible to an outside cyber attack.

Terrorist Attacks

The risk of a large scale terrorist attack is very real if we proceed with attacks. Iranian sleeper cells on our soil could be activated and we have no idea what to prepare for. They could launch a chemical attack, nuclear attack with stolen Russian supplies, attack our nuclear power plants, suicide bomb public locations. The threats are endless. If this country is attacked during war time, it may mean the president will place the country under martial law.

Risk of World War

The threat right now is small, but real. Russia and China have used strong words advising the U.S. to stand down and it is reported Putin has already approved a military strike on Saudi Arabia (our ally) should we strike Syria. Iran has also approved a strike on Israel (another ally) should the U.S. strike Syria. It doesn't take a fortune teller to assume North Korea won't be too far behind if the opportunity presents itself. If you recall in history class, Japan attacked us in World War II while we were busy in Europe. A war of this magnitude would weaken our defenses at home opening the doors to would-be attackers. Thankfully, America has more armed citizens than any other country in the World and we will defend our soil.

Do not stand idly by while others around you prepare.

Keep on prepping!