Monday, October 24, 2016

Prepare for Cyber War

Cyber war may now be our single biggest threat heading into winter as attack allegations continue between US and Russia.

Russia continues to deny recent attacks on American websites including the DDOS attacks which interrupted sites like Twitter and Reddit on Friday. Jester, a powerful American vigilante hacker, has warned Russia against further attacks by hacking into their Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

While most of the recent attacks have been on Democratic platforms and aimed at interrupting Hillary Clinton running for President, you can bet the attacks will grow to affect every American. These acts cannot be condoned as it welcomes future foreign attacks on a system we rely on for survival.

Every system Americans have come to rely on is connected to the internet and is vulnerable to cyberattack. The electrical grid, water treatment plants, financial systems and nuclear power plants.
If you think our systems our impenetrable to an attack you will be one of the surprised sheep when it happens.

Prepare yourself for an extended interruption in our electrical grids or financial systems as foreign affairs continue to spiral into dangerous territory. Threats of war are usually just threats but we have now experienced direct attacks from a foreign government and it is time to be prepared for more extensive attacks.

Keep on prepping!