Saturday, November 16, 2013

Learn From Others' Mistakes

If you have maintained even a partial eye on the news lately, then you haven't missed the typhoon that destroyed some parts of the Philippines. The people there have been left with little food and clean water and are stuck waiting for outside resources to come to them. It is a terrible situation over there because it is taking too long for help to arrive.

A little preparedness goes a long way during disaster situations. A weeks supply of food, water and shelter can mean life or death while you are waiting for government resources to save the day. This is no knock on the victims of the typhoon because this storm was strong enough to destroy any supplies these people may have had. But this is a factor you don't have much control over. I would rather know my supplies were destroyed by a super storm than know I didn't have supplies because of my laziness.

These storms continue to grow in intensity and it should be a growing warning in your mind. Governments and citizens must take these threats seriously and begin effective preparedness plans for the next super storm. It could only be a matter of time before mother nature comes knocking on your door.

Keep on prepping!

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