Friday, September 27, 2013

Is the Economy Really Improving?

I am not an economist but I have my doubts folks.

First of all, the only reason we have seen a consistent growth in the stock market is because of the feds $85 billion monthly purchase of bad bonds. Where are they getting $85 billion? They're just printing it. When a government prints and prints and prints, inflation is bound to show it's ugly head. Unfortunately for you and I, we don't own the proverbial money tree like our government. Every country around the world is facing dire economic conditions because our economies are now interconnected. Keep an eye on world news and maybe you will see the collapse unfolding before others.

Secondly, what happens when they stop spending $85 billion per month? I mean, they can't continue doing this much longer, can they? When the purchases cease, we may see the largest drop in the financial markets because the big investors will try to save every penny they've made. Everyone who has money is investing while markets are great, but you better believe they are pulling out just prior to the big announcement.

Sure, everything looks to be improving, but don't let our government trick you. The person who continues to prep, even in fair weather, is the one who survives. No one knows when the next economic collapse is coming and you better believe the day before it happens will be no different than today.

Keep on Prepping!

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