Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Reasons to Prepare for a War in Syria

The United States government has been debating for the past week whether they should attack key military outposts in Syria after the supposed chemical weapon's attack on Syrian citizens. Many countries are looking to the U.S. to do something while other, much larger countries are suggesting we stand down. The threat of this war is much more serious than the media may be letting on and I suggest we listen to the muted warnings and take a look at 3 credible threats and why you should prepare your family.


Shortly after the U.S. began contemplating an attack on Syrian soil, The New York Times website went down from a cyber attack. The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for this attack and promised more if we proceeded with our plans to bomb. A cyber attack on our grid can have detrimental effects on our society and cause chaos within hours as the crazies take advantage of the opportunities to pillage. There are numerous reports claiming our grid is highly susceptible to an outside cyber attack.

Terrorist Attacks

The risk of a large scale terrorist attack is very real if we proceed with attacks. Iranian sleeper cells on our soil could be activated and we have no idea what to prepare for. They could launch a chemical attack, nuclear attack with stolen Russian supplies, attack our nuclear power plants, suicide bomb public locations. The threats are endless. If this country is attacked during war time, it may mean the president will place the country under martial law.

Risk of World War

The threat right now is small, but real. Russia and China have used strong words advising the U.S. to stand down and it is reported Putin has already approved a military strike on Saudi Arabia (our ally) should we strike Syria. Iran has also approved a strike on Israel (another ally) should the U.S. strike Syria. It doesn't take a fortune teller to assume North Korea won't be too far behind if the opportunity presents itself. If you recall in history class, Japan attacked us in World War II while we were busy in Europe. A war of this magnitude would weaken our defenses at home opening the doors to would-be attackers. Thankfully, America has more armed citizens than any other country in the World and we will defend our soil.

Do not stand idly by while others around you prepare.

Keep on prepping!

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