Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red Dawn

The remake of Red Dawn was actually pretty cool!And if you need some motivation to prep, this movie is even better.

What I liked about the new plot was the updated threat. They actually appeared to borrow the somewhat realistic idea of North Korea becoming a military threat to the nation from the recent video game, Homefront. By causing an EMP above America, most of the nation's defenses are down, allowing millions of North Korean troops to invade and take over each town.

Even though this movie is fictional, we need to take a serious look at this type of threat. An EMP would devastate our current living situations and it would take years to correct all of the power grids, communications, vehicles, etc. They scary thing about an EMP is it could cause a slow death for millions because we are so reliant on the system now. Everything we rely on, relies on the electrical grid in one way or another.

Take the necessary steps to become less reliant. Wind turbines and solar power is an excellent idea if you can afford the technology. The prices continue to come down as the supply increases to meet demand so maybe we will all have these backup power sources shortly in the future.

Until then, keep prepping!

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