Thursday, November 29, 2012

Learn from Camping

Have you ever gone camping? Now, I don't mean RV camping or camp-site camping with bathrooms and showers and electric. I am talking about miles away from the city; just you and the supplies you brought for a couple of nights. It is much tougher to experience a hardship than just thinking about it. Camping is a great way to experience some the hardships we may be forced to live in.

Camping also gives you an opportunity to try all of those fun camping supplies you have purchased. Testing all of these supplies now when it's not an emergency tells you which ones will actually benefit you. Some may be junk. Wouldn't you rather know now? Experiment with fires, cooking, chopping up firewood, etc. There are so many things you can learn in one weekend in the woods.

What if you had to run from your primary shelter tonight? Do you even have a rough idea of what to grab? Is a bug-out bag enough? Probably not if your secondary shelter is a tent in the woods somewhere. For most of us, this is all we can afford in our prepping plans.

I know we are closing in on the winter months, but it would serve you well to take a weekend and venture into the wilderness of America. See what it is really like to be alone in the cold with no other options. Obviously I don't suggest trying to camp out in freezing temperatures because you are asking for trouble. While this may be a realistic situation, it is a dangerous one you shouldn't choose to put yourself into. Choose a weekend when the temperatures are warm enough at night where frostbite isn't a concern. In other words - Don't be stupid!

Remember, prepping isn't just stockpiling supplies. It's knowing how to survive when all of those supplies are gone.

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