Saturday, December 8, 2012

North Korean Missile Launch

It looks like North Korea will be proceeding with their scheduled missile test despite warnings from Russia, China, and the United States. North Korea claims the launch is peaceful and only a satellite.

North Korea Missile Launch

I have two problems with this launch. The obvious first problem is allowing North Korea to test the capabilities of their missile technology. A test allows scientists to see what tweaks need to be made and then brings them one step closer to firing on the U.S. My second problem is even if this missile test is meant for satellite launching, I do not trust the motive. North Korea placing a satellite above our heads will not end well for the West. A satellite has the potential to detonate a nuclear weapon far outside of Earth's atmosphere and the protection of the missile defense system (EMP damage). However, reports state that North Korea does not have the technology to build a rocket that can reach space or build a satellite that can fire a nuclear warhead. But these are reports based on assumption since no one has access to the highly secretive country.

This may just be a peaceful test by North Korea or this may be a more sinister step towards becoming a legitimate threat. I would rather be prepared for them becoming a threat so that I'm not surprised.

Do you think we should take this launch as an act of war and stop them before they proceed further?

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