Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homemade Wine Venture

The other day I wrote about learning how to brew your own beer and wine at home and how invaluable this knowledge could be. After posting this, I realized that I recommended something for you to do that I have not done myself, so in order to practice what I preach I began my first batch of homemade wine. I will never recommend products to you that I haven't purchased myself and I believe this rule should carry over into my prepping. I now have 6 gallons of Chamblais wine currently fermenting and I am quite excited to try the finished product. I plan on making one more batch of red wine after this batch is done and then I will venture into the beer side of brewing.

My wine fermenting.

There are supplies you must buy in order to make wine and beer at home and I dealt with a few of the companies that supply these kits over the phone before choosing my supplier. A company in Ohio called Label Peelers offered better prices and was extremely nice and more than willing to help a noobie so I highly recommend their products. I am not affiliated with them and am only sharing their site because they were willing to help above and beyond the other companies.

Go here for wine supplies!

Good luck on your brewing!

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  1. I checked out the link to Label Peelers. I like the look of their website, and their "New to Brewing" section. Compels me to give it a whirl- sounds fun!