Monday, September 3, 2012

Alcohol - The Future Currency

Alcohol is overly abundant in this day and age and many people are even learning to make their own at home as a hobby. But imagine how long it would take for the supply to run short if there was an economic collapse or interruption in grocery supplies. Americans rely on alcohol way more than we care to admit. It plays the role as a stress reliever and social catalyst for many on weekends. But did you know that liquor could be used as an emergency disinfectant? Think back to those old Western movies when they would pour the bottle on the wound and then allow the patient to drink the rest prior to surgery.

So where am I going with this? Well, think about the value of liquor now versus post-crisis America. After the supplies have dwindled, liquor is going to be a very valuable bartering item. Times will be very depressing for most so they will jump at the chance for a drink and a taste of the luxuries we once enjoyed. But get your priorities straight. I only recommend stockpiling alcohol if your food and survival supplies are already fulfilled. Sure you could trade the alcohol for the gear or food you didn't buy but don't bet on it. Do not buy top shelf alcohol either! Buy the cheap stuff by the floor and make sure the proof is no less than 70% for disinfectant purposes.

Learn how to make your own beer and wine and you have increased your value to the survival community 10 fold. Experiment with growing your own grapes and master the art of wine-making as a hobby. As a bartering item, wine and beer will most likely be more valuable than liquor because of the improved taste quality.

Here is an informative site on making wine: Wine Making

The Homebrewers Assoc. gives you a lot of good info on brewing beer.

Happy Labor Day.

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