Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anonymous calls for a Civil War? Really?

It appears the group Anonymous is calling on the American people to revolt and start a Civil War against our government. While most of us will agree, stuff needs to change, a civil war will solve nothing and will result in at least 90% of Americans dying within the first year.

Let's think about this for a second. Our water supplies, electrical grids, and food transports would be interrupted immediately if the American people began a war against the government. The government can live on without these amenities because they have back-ups of back-ups. All high government officials would be shielded from our attacks in their high-tech bunkers. All of the corporate sluts that have made billions from our stupidity will also be protected, so what would be accomplished?

Mass casualties would be the only accomplishment, because a war against the government would soon be a war against each other as food and water run low. Nothing would be accomplished with this decision and anyone that supports this idea is not a realist. The government would live on with increased power after an incident like this.

Anonymous has done many decent things to right the wrongs in this world, but I think this one is a little out there. There are better ways to accomplish change in the government without loss of American life. Back to the drawing boards.

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