Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Choosing Land for Your Survival Retreat

Before I describe what to look for when scouting land, please understand that a retreat isn't just for rich people. Do not rule out looking for your own retreat land. Raw hunting land is typically very affordable, especially if a few families pitch in financially. With that said, here are some pointers to follow when choosing land for your prepping plans:
  1. Look for land that is far away (100+ miles if possible) from major cities. It is a natural decision for humans to flee to the mountains for refuge from a disaster situation because it is believed that food is plentiful. As you get farther away from the cities, there is less of a chance of encountering violent gangs looking to steal your supplies or hungry families seeking hand-outs.
  2. However, make an attempt to purchase land that is within 1 tank of gas away. Depending on your vehicle, that can be 300-400 miles away from your primary residence. Depending on the emergency, driving to your retreat may be impossible. Not to mention the longer it takes for you to arrive at your retreat, the increased chance someone has found it and claimed it as theirs. Are you prepared to fight for your retreat?
  3. Make sure this land has a fresh water source (spring or creek). If there is no water source on the property, is there one within walking distance, and will the land owner permit you using their water? I would stay away from riverfront property if possible because you risk being found by refugees using the river as a guide.
  4. Land with natural choke points make better choices because they can be easier to defend. Flat land with 360 degree access is impossible to defend. Rocky terrain is much easier to defend.
  5. However, not too rocky! Remember, you need land for gardens and possibly livestock if you choose that route. Gardens don't do too well in rocky soil.
  6. Typically, the larger your property the better. If you can buy land next to a National Forest, even better. This land can be used for additional resources post-SHTF. 1-2 acres for each family should be considered the minimum parcel size. 
  7. Land that is heavily wooded can be more beneficial for those who wish to build cabins with little expense. Check out how this couple built their Alaskan cabin.
  8. Finally, make an attempt to learn who owns the neighboring properties. Can an alliance be formed before SHTF? Also, make sure none of your neighbors are the family from the Texas Chainsaw movies.
Finding the perfect land for your retreat may take some time, but don't rush it. You will know when you have found it!

Stay always prepared!

Retreat image from http://flickr.com/photos/85668120@N00/260788007


  1. The Alaska log cabin link promises to be an interesting, intriguing read when I have more time later. I like the fact that they had NO experience whatsoever in building anything, which just lends credence to the fact that one can do anything one sets their mind to!

  2. It was very interesting to read about how they built the cabin. I only wish they had more pictures.