Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where Do You Get Your Info?

Most people now-a-days acquire most of their info from the Internet - like you are doing now. Usually when you find an article or tid-bit that you find interesting you bookmark it or save the blog for future reference. Did you stop to think that your computer and the internet will most likely be non-existent if some type of catastrophe hits? No longer can you turn to Google and type in "how to build a shelter" or "how to start a fire". All of that information that would have been so helpful to you and your family is now lost.

Beginning today it would be a great investment to print information that you believe would be useful WTSHTF. I would also cut out pages from magazines and copy pages from books and then organize all of this information into one survival binder. Make sure you buy a large binder since you will always be adding new content. The binder should then be placed into a water proof container in order to protect the contents.

When I buy books for my Prepping library I immediately place them in large Ziploc bags for storage unless I plan on reading them right away. The Ziploc bags help protect your books from the weather and are much easier to grab in a rush if you have to bail from your house in a hurry.

An easy and cheap way to prepare yourself is to build up your library. Increase your knowledge and save it in hard format so that it can be easily referenced in a worse case scenario. "Shoulda - Woulda - Coulda" is a horrible plan to rely on. 

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