Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Afford Prepping

Many people I chat with about prepping mention that they couldn't afford gathering goods and storing supplies. The truth that many hide from is - You Can't Afford Not to Prepare. Sure the majority of us can't buy the 100 acre retreat or have $10,000 for a small arsenal like other survival sites recommend. Do not let that stop you like it did me! Do what you can afford (don't go into debt) and you will be better prepared than most of your neighbors, I guarantee it.

Take a look at your weekly expenditures and I promise you will find the fat that could be trimmed. Let's be honest, if society sees a catastrophic event wouldn't you adapt faster if you aren't relying on your daily Starbucks or fast food. The key to prepping is becoming self-sufficient and that means living without relying on others for food, drink, shelter, and entertainment. Get started now and you will see the savings.

De-clutter your home with material possessions that you no longer use. Will all of those collectibles be useful to your family if society collapses? List everything you find on Ebay or Craigs List and get it sold. The money you receive from the sales can then be applied to prepping and buying new gear.

Take advantage of sales and coupons. My local grocery store always has great sales on canned fruits and veggies and it is easy to grab a month's supply in one visit. Buy a few extra of the items that you eat a lot of and store it on a shelf somewhere. Flea markets and garage sales are good places to buy camping supplies and used military gear.

You don't need to buy a huge arsenal of weapons, even though it would be freaking awesome! A handgun, shotgun, and rifle is a great start. By limiting your calibers you will also save money when buying extra ammo for your weapons.

Lastly, be patient. Don't go into debt trying to create a huge stockpile. Give yourself small goals to meet on a weekly basis and everything will add up over time and dedication.

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