Saturday, January 17, 2015

Free Military Training and Survival Manuals

I found some more free military manuals for your use. These manuals can be found on Amazon for sale because some dishonest people take the information and convert it into e-books and sell them to unsuspecting people trying to learn more about survival. Please share so we can help others find these resources before spending their hard-earned money on those books.

US Navy SEAL Training Program

Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2-3, M16A4, and M4 Carbine

Kill or Get Killed

 Guerilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations

Physical Security

US Marine Corps - Hand to Hand Combat

Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures For Special Forces

Special Forces - Caching Techniques

Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - Incendiaries

Make sure you check out my first posting which has additional manuals not found on this page.

Also, as I mention in my first post, don't just save these manuals on your computer. PRINT RELEVANT PAGES OUT for your future reference. The next disaster situation may make your computer useless. Then what?

Keep on Prepping!

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  1. Great post! And your point about printing the guides is a good one. After all, if the power goes out, how will you read a PDF stored on an iPhone.

    On the other hand, it's worth noting that most inkjet printers use a kind of ink that has a very limited lifespan, usually fading out between 4-6 years after the document is printed.

    For that reason, it might be worth the few bucks it'd cost to print the documents on a traditional laserjet printer (using toner instead of ink) which has a lifespan measure in decades as long as it's kept dry.