Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sony Hackers Reveal Much Larger Threat

The hackers who have been slowly releasing hundreds of thousands of private documents recently stolen from the servers and computers at Sony have now threatened violence to those who attend the showing of the movie, The Interview.

You heard that right - A terrorist attack has been threatened to occur on our soil because a corporation has put potential profit above public safety. Did you expect any different?

The hackers are claiming this attack will rival Sept. 11 2001 and it seems the attack(s) may occur at the movie premier or on Christmas Day.


Since posting this, Sony has cancelled the movie premier scheduled in Manhattan on Thursday. Seth Rogan and James Franco, the stars from the movie, have cancelled all public appearances and at least one movie chain is refusing to show the movie at any of its locations because of the terrorist threat. 

Warning from Guardians of Peace

I hope this is nothing more than a threat, but if this group is affiliated with the North Korean
government as some are saying, we may be in more danger than we think.

It is safe to assume North Korea has access to some sort of nuclear technology. We know they have been testing for many years and that testing hasn't occurred for quite some time, leading some to assume they are happy with the current product and are ready to use it. While they may not have the missile technology needed to deliver a warhead to the United States, there are other delivery options.

Stay vigilant over the holiday week, watch for suspicious people and keep on prepping!

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