Sunday, August 3, 2014

National Guard Activated in Ohio City

There is a 'Do Not Drink, Do Not Boil' emergency in Toledo, Ohio and the National Guard has been activated after the tap water continues to be dangerous for a second day. The water is testing positive for microcystin, because of a Harmful Algal Bloom in Lake Erie. Boiling does nothing to clean the water and surprisingly makes the situation worse. Full Story Here

This is just another example of preppers having the upper-hand. The people who have prepared their families with a back-up supply of clean water do not have to fight the crowds for bottled water.

This is also a lesson for preppers relying on filters and boiling to supply drinking water, post-disaster. Algae covered water should be avoided because it appears that filters and boiling do not clean the water of the microcystin. The last thing you want post-disaster is diarrhea.

Keep on Prepping!

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