Monday, July 22, 2013

6 Ways To Be Prepared By Tomorrow

1. WATER: Choose a method to store clean water for emergency use. I prefer to clean and reuse old plastic containers, 2L or larger. Additional supplies include Water Microfilter and Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets .

2. SHELTER: Have a back-up plan for shelter, especially if you experience harsh winters. Tent , sleeping bags, Fire Starter will all be necessary if your home becomes unlivable.

3. FOOD: Decide how much food your family will need until help arrives. How much you store depends on how long you believe help will take. Canned food is an excellent start because it lasts long, can be had for cheap at your local Walmart and won't be an exotic addition to your diet.

4. POWER: Buy batteries. In an emergency, power will most likely be the first to go. Make sure you have enough back-up power for flashlights and the devices your family members may rely on.

5. MEDICINE: People who survive with medicinal help will be the first to die during a prolonged crisis because shipments will cease. Talk to your Dr about acquiring extra supplies for storage and be honest why you want them. Your Dr may be more willing to write you a few extra prescriptions if you are honest.

6. PLAN: Have a plan for staying at home and a plan for leaving your home. Make sure all family members are aware of the plan and meeting areas. We will not know when disaster will strike so you can't rely on the family being together. Meeting areas and even a small survival bag are necessary for making sure your family can find each other.

Laziness is the only excuse to not be prepared.

Stay always prepared!

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