Friday, February 3, 2012

FBI says "Expect Cyber Attack"

The FBI has declared that hackers are becoming more of a threat to America's infrastructure than a terrorist attack. The attacks continue to grow and improve and the government may begin to lose this battle if new legislation (more money) isn't passed.

The reason a hacker can be such a large threat is because everything in this country relies on a computer network. Our electrical grids, financial markets, water systems, FAA control towers, nuclear power plants, etc. all rely on a computer network. No longer does a country have to bomb or attack our cities to cause damage. Imagine how quickly things would get out of hand if most of the country's electrical grid was down. This is such a new threat, the government is clueless. They don't even know which branch would have responsibility for such an attack. Do you really want to rely on the government for help during such an emergency?

The reasons to prepare your family for a disaster continue to grow. I can only suggest that you prepare. You have to be the one to act. If something ever happens, you don't want to look back to today and say "if only I would have bought a few things to prepare". Don't put yourself in that situation. Don't put your family in that situation.

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  1. Today with so much dependence on the computers and internet, cyber attack has become even more deadly than the physical terrorist attack.

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