Monday, January 16, 2012


If you are here, than like me you are interested in preparing yourself and your family for some sort of interruption in our daily lives as we know it(TEOTWAWKI, WTSHTF, etc). Maybe nothing will ever happen. But if it does, I don't want to look back and realize how easy it would have been to prepare and give my family a better chance of survival. The book that motivated me to begin prepping was "The Patriots" by James W. Rawles.

Most families do not have the necessary stock of food and supplies to stay alive during an extended emergency. I am willing to bet 3 days of no power would really test a majority of the households in America. Sure, Uncle Sam will be there to hand out supplies. But who wants to stand amongst the mobs to receive rations of water and food? Not I. Maybe Uncle Sam's ability to help will be delayed if the disaster is far reaching. Then what?

I am using this blog to track how I am preparing my family and hopefully you can learn something too. Feel free to leave me comments if you have something to share. We all can learn from one another.

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